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A New Year and New Projects

I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, I don’t see the point. But what I am going to do is try and focus on two small projects while (once again) promising myself to try and read more. Especially as—every book blogger knows—our TBR piles never but ever shrink, rather they just continue to grown.

Setting goals works for some, but given my health situation and trying to live a less stressful life (no reading or watching the news, thank you very much) I’m going to actually try focusing more on writing this year—hence the two projects. One is more short fiction to share here, on the blog, the other is a spin-off set of adventures I’ve been thinking about for a character I’ve been developing, and setting it in a universe I already have laid out (for another series).

This adventure series will be set in space, and feature a 16 year old (going on 17) protagonist who currently lives on Europa. This will be something completely different for me, with this age range of character and direction I want to go in—which is First Person POV. Something I know people either love or hate. But as the series I’m imagining is centred around this young woman and her experiences within this universe, I want the reader feel everything she goes through.

It will either work, or it won’t. The whole point is to have fun writing and to divert my focus toward something pleasurable and not stressful.

I’m hoping you’ll indulge me here, on the blog, and want to follow along with me and Sigrid Thorin’s amazing space adventures!

Thanks for reading.



  1. I think having fun is the most important indeed Alex! Also I avoid the news too except to know what rules I must follow. Otherwise it’s toxic for me.

    • Indeed, I think this project is just what I need right now to distract me, and have fun at the same time. Always good for the soul. And yes, we only try to catch a bit of the news online, to make sure we’re updated locally, but everything else is, as you say, getting toxic.

      Here’s to de-stressing ourselves.

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