Wry: adj. ironic, sardonic, dryly humorous.
Writer: n. one who writes, a professional scribe, an author.

Mini Bio

Bookish from an early age and, much to the surprise of her parents, Alex read her way through the children’s library where they lived. She hasn’t stopped reading since. She still has that love of children’s books, but has added several genres since, including science fiction, fantasy, murder-mysteries, thrillers, and historical fiction. If someone could combine all her favourite genres into one book, she’d be a very happy reader.

Alex went on to study the SF classics while sharpening pencils and working as an editorial assistant in what is considered the drizzle capital of the world, London. This was way back in the day when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. She then moved to New York to escape the rain where she worked for people who expected her to spel corectly and typ efficently in engrish.


When not writing posts here about the books, movies, and TV shows I’ve watched, I also post my fiction over on the FICTIONAL WOLFE.

Join me there for some free speculative fiction.