Magnolia Season

It’s finally calm and quiet outside today, after a huge very active thunderstorm rolled through here yesterday afternoon/evening. It rained so heavy we couldn’t see the buildings on the side of the privacy hedge. And the winds were so violent (130 kph) trees were uprooted or knocked down, power lines felled, and roofs ripped off buildings. Even a church steeple was smashed into matchsticks.

So that I am left wondering this morning—when we were supposed to go to the botanical gardens for a walk—whether in fact there are any magnolia blossoms still left on the trees. Maybe we’ll go tomorrow since it’s a bank holiday here.

I Did It …

What, I hear you ask, did I go and do?

I have deleted my Instagram account!

I’m also thinking of doing the same with Twitter. After all, I haven’t really been active on there in ages. It’s not a welcoming place, people don’t really engage, and I’m long done doomscrolling and so over trolls. What’s more, if I want to know about what next to read, I can blog-hop people I know, and read a review.

So, I have to ask … Has social media run its course?

Who knows.