Author: Alexandra

Top 10 Fav SciFi Movies

Everyone has their own favourites, everyone will tell you what it is about this movie or that one, that they so admired that they just had to include it on their Top 10 favourites, whether that’s the last decade, or all time favourites. So of course, I’m going to add my 2 cents worth, and share my current Top 10 favourites. And yes, I say current, as tomorrow, or next week, or next year, I just might watch another knockout SF movie that blows me away and, yep, nudges out an old fav, to take its rightful place on my list.  Even though there are plenty of SF movies I’ve enjoyed over the years, not all would make it onto a Top anything. But they where, nonetheless, still fun entertainment. For instance, how ever much I love the Avengers movies for the crazy-assed action, they will never make it onto any top favourite list. Like a lot of movies that are in the end, popcorn fun, I want a little more than mad-cap explosions say …

Movie Review: State of Play

STATE OF PLAY When a Congressman’s assistant is murdered, a team of reporters join forces with the police to get to the bottom of the case. They delve into the politician’s past to find answers. CAST: Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck, Robin Wright. DIRECTOR: Kevin Macdonald We watched this one on Netflix last night solely on the basis Helen Mirren was in it, knowing nothing about what the movie was all about. As it turns out, Helen was in fine form playing herself, next to Russell doing a dab impersonation of, well, Russell Crowe (aka Cal McAffrey). And, oh, look, as the side kick to his snide, seasoned reporter, read: pain in the ass, there is Rachel McAdams looking 12 years old playing upstart blogger Della Frye. Throw in Batman and… oh, what? Oh, okay, Ben Affleck playing U.S. Congressman, Stephen Collins, being, well, Mister Woody himself—if he got any more wooden, I swear he’d sprout leaves—and you have one very expensive cast in a very mediocre thriller involving corrupt senators, a …

Secrets of State by Matthew Palmer

SECRETS OF STATE Author: Matthew Palmer Publisher: Putnam Format: Paperback, 448 pages Genre: Thriller Back Cover Blurb A former top expert at the State Department, Sam Trainor was forced out of the Washington establishment and into the private sector, working as an analyst for a consulting firm. As he struggles to adjust to a corporate, profit-driven version of the work that had been his life, he stumbles across an intelligence anomaly—the transcript of a phone conversation about upending the delicate political balance keeping India and Pakistan from all-out-war. Yet Sam knows that conversation can’t have occurred—because he is having an affair with one of the alleged participants, and they were together at the time of the call. As he digs into the source of this misinformation, he realises there is more at stake than just bad intel. Someone is deliberately twisting the intelligence to stoke the simmering conflict between India and Pakistan, nuclear-armed rivals that have already fought multiple wars. And Sam’s new employer could be at the centre of it.

Movie Review: Mary Queen of Scots

MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, Mary Stuart defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. However, Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth I. Each young Queen beholds her sister in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence. Director: Josie Rourke Writers: Beau Willimon, John Guy Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie

Cold Storage by David Koepp

COLD STORAGE Author: David Koepp Publisher: Ecco Books Format: Paperback, 308 pages Genre: Thriller Back Cover Blurb When Pentagon bio-terror operative Roberto Diaz was sent to investigate a suspected biochemical attack, he found something far worse: a highly mutative organism capable of extinction-level destruction. He contained it and buried it in cold storage deep beneath a little-used military repository. Now, after decades of festering in a forgotten sub-basement, the specimen has found its way out and is on a lethal feeding frenzy. Only Diaz knows how to stop it. He races across the country to help two unwitting security guards—one an ex-con, the other a single mother. Over one harrowing night, the unlikely trio must figure out how to quarantine this horror again. All they have is luck, fearlessness, and a mordant sense of humour. Will that be enough to save all of humanity?