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Bone Canyon by Lee Goldberg

Author: Lee Goldberg
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Series: Eve Ronin #2
Format: Paperback, 288 pages
Genre: Murder-Mystery


A catastrophic wildfire scorches the Santa Monica Mountains, exposing the charred remains of a woman who disappeared years ago. The investigation is assigned to Eve Ronin, the youngest homicide detective in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a position that forces her to prove herself again and again. This time, though, she has much more to prove.

Bones don’t lie, and these have a horrific story to tell. Eve tirelessly digs into the past, unearthing dark secrets that reveal nothing about the case is as it seems. With almost no one she can trust, her relentless pursuit of justice for the forgotten dead could put Eve’s own life in peril.


Like the scorched earth and raging wildfires, Eve Ronin is on fire in this second book. As she once again pieces together odd pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is murder. And, as she pieces together all the odd facts, discovers that the bad guys are, this time around, a little too close for comfort. And are, in fact, other deputies in the sheriffs department at Lost Hills.

But Eve, not one to step back from confrontation, or doing whats right, let alone getting justice for the dead, steadfastly refuses to give in, even when warned off not once, but twice. Once again, gives it her all. And not without consequences.

Fast-paced like book one the multi-layered, Bone Canyon, is another gripping read from beginning to end. Taut, tense and, at times, a little nail-biting, we’re on the ride along with Eve and her partner, Duncan ‘Donuts’ Pavone, looking to solve not one, but two murders and a nasty gang rape of two young women. The pace is steady and relentless. The dialogue is smart and snappy, and the secondary characters all perfectly shaded and drawn down to the fine details.

I enjoyed finding out more about Eve’s background and family, especially her mother, who is a law unto herself. It’s these shaded nuances that make or break a good read, and Goldberg nails these characters perfectly. From the Sheriff through to the ADA, and Eve’s own Captain who is none to happy with her ‘grandstanding’ as he calls it.

The author does a great job of giving us a cast we’re all familiar with, each with their own personal quirks, and kinks (literally) adding layered depth to an already twisted plot that really cranks up the heat this time round, and that’s saying something. Never mind throwing in a couple of curveballs I never saw coming. Which all add up to a cracking good read.

If you like depth and nuance to your cast of characters, a cleverly twisted narrative, some dry snappy dialogue and subtle humour, plenty of gritty eye-popping action, then Bone Canyon, and this thrilling series as a whole, is a must read.

Eve Ronin is a great character and I can’t wait for more from her, and her partner, Pavone. Highly recommended!


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