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Editors verses Writers

What a writer thinks an Editor’s proofreading marks mean: frag = editor watches to much Battlestar Galactica rev = add more sex NC = editor is from North Carolina run on = procrastinates at the gym SP = editor speaks Spanish bf = add best friend ram = insert horny character slash = kill-off a character stet = add a cowboy eg# = huh? x = editor loves it ^ = add mountainous obstacle ? = editor doesn’t get it ! = editor definitely doesn’t get it ⁐ = more height, more depth ≡ = insert river ☉ = add a telescope 〰 = make waves

Consulting the Stars

Sometime I think that everything I ever learnt about ‘how’ to write, I learnt from reading Ursula K. Le Guin novels [with humble apologies to my favourite English teacher of way back when, Mrs. Titherington]. Even now, I still find myself reaching for one of Le Guin’s works, not just for that spark of inspiration, but to remind myself on the ‘how’. How did she write this scene, capture that character, make it all work? And just to interject here, Le Guin also wrote some edifying articles and posts. One need only look here, “On Rules of Writing, or, Riffing on Rechy” to get a taste of her knowledge, wit, and insight. Certainly, you can’t do any worse than reading through her articles on writing, especially, and specifically, “What Makes A Story?