Rated Excellent

  • HOTEL ARTEMIS (2018, US) — In a riot-torn Los Angeles, a nurse and her orderly run a secret hospital and hotel for criminals. However, a new group of patients begin to cause problems.
  • THE DRESSMAKER (2015, AUS) — Accused of murder when she was a child, a dressmaker (Kate Winslet) returns to her small Australian town to seek revenge on the locals who did her wrong.
  • OLD GUARD (2020, US) — A group of mercenaries, all centuries-old immortals with the ability to heal themselves, discover someone is onto their secret, and they must fight to protect their freedom.
  • ON THE BASIS OF SEX (2019, UK) — Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a struggling attorney and new mother who faces adversity and numerous obstacles in her fight for equal rights.
  • ENOLA HOLMES (2020, US) — While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord.
  • THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY (2018, US) In 1946 a London-based writer begins exchanging letters with residents on the island of Guernsey, which was German-occupied during WWII. Feeling compelled to visit the island, she starts to get a picture of what it was like during the occupation.

Rated Good

  • A CALL TO SPY (2020, US) After France falls to the Nazis, two women seek to support the war effort by spying for a secret agency under Churchill.
  • MORTAL ENGINES (2018, US) — In a post-apocalyptic world where cities move and consume each other to survive, two strangers come together to stop a sinister and destructive conspiracy.
  • MEGAN LEAVEY (2017, US) — Injured by an explosive device in Iraq, a Marine corporal fights to be reunited with the bomb-sniffing German shepherd that saved her life in combat.
  • THE DIG (2021, NZ) — In the late 1930s, wealthy landowner Edith Pretty hires amateur archaeologist Basil Brown to investigate the mounds on her property in England. He and his team discover a ship from the Dark Ages while digging up a burial ground.
  • HUNTER KILLER (2018, UK) — When the Russian president is kidnapped by a rogue general, an American submarine captain and a group of US Navy Seals take it upon themselves to rescue him.
  • CARRIE PILBY (2017, US) — Carrie, a young prodigy, has a hard time making sense of life, relationships, intimacy and leaving her apartment. So, her psychiatrist gives her a checklist of goals to help her find joy in the world.
  • SUMMERLAND (2020, UK) — During World War II, reclusive writer Alice has her sequestered life upended when Frank, an evacuee from the London Blitz, is left in her care. Despite initially resolving to be rid of him, Alice finds herself and her emotions reawakened by him.
  • LADIES IN BLACK (2018, AUS) — In the summer of 1959, Lisa, a shy schoolgirl, takes a job in Sydney’s prestigious department store Goode’s. There, her life is changed forever when she meets the “ladies in black.”

Rated Above Average

  • AVA (2020, US) — An assassin becomes marked for death by her own black ops organisation after questioning orders and breaking protocol.
  • THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020, US) — A lone scientist (George Clooney) in the Arctic races to contact a crew of astronauts returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.
  • FATHERHOOD (2021, US) — A father brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter’s birth.
  • FALLING INN LOVE (2019, NZ) — Romance and remodeling collide when a corporate executive wins a New Zealand inn that lacks curb appeal.

Rated Average

  • MIB International (2019, US) — When shape-shifting aliens threaten Earth, a new recruit and a veteran Mi Bagent embark on a mission to save their own organisation — and the world.
  • OUTSIDE THE WIRE (2021, US) — In the near future, a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired up with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.
  • THE OUTPOST (2020, US) — A small unit of US soldiers battle courageously against an overwhelming army of Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack deep in the valleys of Afghanistan.
  • FATMA (2020, US) — A trial of faith unfolds at the apex of World War I, when secrets are revealed to three Portuguese children through a series of apparitions, while their doubting family and aggressive government officials try to silence them.
  • CROOKED HOUSE (2016, US) — When a detective investigates the death of his ex-lover’s grandfather, he uncovers secrets about the tycoon’s manipulative family.

Rated Poor

  • 6 UNDERGROUND (2019, US) — Six individuals from all around the globe, each the very best at what they do, have been chosen not only for their skill, but for a unique desire to delete their pasts to change the future.
  • OUTLAW KING (2018, UK) — After being crowned King of Scotland, legendary warrior Robert the Bruce is forced into exile by the English and leads a band of outlaws to help him reclaim the throne.
  • IO (2019, US) — In a post-apocalyptic time, the earth has been rendered toxic, and most of humanity has abandoned the planet and colonised one of Jupiter’s moons, IO.
  • EXTRACTION (2020, US) — A black-market mercenary who has nothing to lose is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.
  • INFERNO (2016, US) — After waking up with amnesia in a hospital, Robert Langdon teams up with Sienna Brooks, one of his doctors, to protect the world from the evil plan of a mad scientist.
  • RIM OF THE WORLD (2019, US) — Summer camp has barely begun when aliens suddenly invade the planet. In a campground once teeming with people, four misfit teens are unexpectedly entrusted with a key that carries the secret to stopping the invasion.