Policies & FAQs

Bonjour and welcome to the Wry Writer,

I blog about a variety of topics that interest me including sharing my fiction, but I also blog about books I want to read, books I’m reading, or books I just finished reading. In between I try to promote my favourite authors with promo posts and, in general, share the joy of reading.

I don’t take many review requests but when I do, I prefer a physical copy. As I do not give out my address online, you will have to contact me via email.

My genres of choice are: science fiction, fantasy, YA, historical and crime fiction, including psychological suspense and thrillers. And, in general, preferably female-focused works.

Review Times: I have no fixed schedule, and read and review when I have the time and I’m in the right headspace. So if you need something reviewed within a certain timeframe then I’m probably not for you.

Rating System: I don’t have one. I try to write clear, balanced reviews based on my own personal reading experience. I talk about and highlight salient points that either worked for me, or didn’t. I usually cover five points of interest including dialogue, setting, characters, plot, and over all execution.

Interviews, Giveaways, Blog Tours and Guest Posts: While I still do the occasional interview with authors I’m excited about, I no longer do giveaways, guest posts, or blog tours. So please, don’t ask.

Reviews on Amazon: All my reviews are exclusive to my websites. I do not post them anywhere else, including Amazon. I do, however, promote my posts via Twitter.

Advertising: In the interests of keeping my blog impartial and objective, I do not accept any paid posts or advertising whatsoever. So again, please don’t ask.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to email me.