TV Binge #1

Last weekend we found ourselves in our local Walmart looking for lightbulbs, and while there, I thought to check out the DVD section. In hope, as you do. And was delighted to find a clutch of Oscar-nominated DVDs at bargain prices.

We ended up buying Dunkirk, Lady Bird, Murder on the Orient Express and 3 Billboards, plus the second season of Da Vinci’s Demons, because, why not, we’d already watched season 1 a couple of years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the Florentine romp.

This meant binge watching season 2 and watching Da Vinci strut his stuff. Ably aided by the same cast of characters from the first season. Only this time, we took a rather curious undocumented journey to the New World, and Machu Picchu, in search of the fabled Book of Leaves. And who’s to say whether or not Da Vinci ever found his merry way either across nearly all of South America, through the Amazon jungle, to Peru … or whether or not his tiny ship made it around the Cape and up the coast, and found Peru that way. 

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Top 10 Fav SciFi Movies

Everyone has their own favourites, everyone will tell you what it is about this movie or that one, that they so admired that they just had to include it on their Top 10 favourites, whether that’s the last decade, or all time favourites.

So of course, I’m going to add my 2 cents worth, and share my current Top 10 favourites. And yes, I say current, as tomorrow, or next week, or next year, I just might watch another knockout SF movie that blows me away and, yep, nudges out an old fav, to take its rightful place on my list. 

Even though there are plenty of SF movies I’ve enjoyed over the years, not all would make it onto a Top anything. But they where, nonetheless, still fun entertainment.

For instance, how ever much I love the Avengers movies for the crazy-assed action, they will never make it onto any top favourite list. Like a lot of movies that are in the end, popcorn fun, I want a little more than mad-cap explosions say like, an underlying thread or message.

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