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Celebration SF Genres

There is one thing you can be sure of, modern science fiction gives us plenty of choice to choose from when it comes to sub-genre. Of course, it all depends on who you speak to about what may, or may not, make it onto the list but, for arguments sake, here are a few of what makes it onto my list: Alien Invasion A. I. (Artificial Intelligence | Nano Tech | Virtual) Colonisation (also: Terraforming) Dystopian First Contact Galactic Empire Generational Ships Military SF Near Future Parallel Universes Post Apocalypse Robots & Androids (see also AI above) Space Exploration Space Opera Time Travel Utopian Of these, I think I dislike time travel the most, while on the flip side, one of my favourites is military SF. But what is it about one that I dislike, and what is it about the other, that I like? Well, I thought you would never ask. Time travel, by its very nature is, for me at least, problematic from the get go. But let’s make it clear, for us, …

Top 10 SciFi TV Shows

Following on from my Top Ten favourite SciFi movies, it’s time to do my favourite SF TV shows. And just like choosing just ten movies, choosing just ten TV shows is still difficult, whether that’s from the pool available for the last two or three decades, or the last just the last five. 1. THE EXPANSE — without a doubt, this has to be my all-time favourite science fiction TV drama, ever. And I doubt another show will come along any time soon, to knock it off top spot. The reason being, is not just the excellent action but the show’s dedication to quality. From scripts, story lines, and top notch acting, through to the amazing CGI, and detail put into the cinematography. Every damn episode is like a mini movie. And who doesn’t adore Christjen Avasarala? 2. MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. — again, like The Expanse, Agents of SHIELD has been afforded top notch writing, excellent acting, and a budget most can only dream of. We have come to love the characters just as …

SFF Books: The Golden Oldies

Once again, this is my territory, discussing books and authors from way back when the dinosaurs still roam the Earth, B.C. yes, before covid, and well before twitter, computers, and any kind of social media. Back in the days when I could read 3-4 SFF books a week. Mostly because they were all between 300 and 350 pages long. Just in case you don’t already know, I’m one of those for whom ‘Golden Oldies’ means my era, the 70s and 80s. And, as I’ve got a post lined up about Women in SFF that focuses on female authors during this era, along with a spotlight on Brit SF author Brian Stableford, who was ultra prolific during the 70s, maybe I need to look at another aspect of what constitutes ‘Golden Oldie’.

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

In this segment I want to highlight authors who wrote about distant planets or places humans colonised in a far flung future and who also encountered a myriad of aliens—some benign, others not so much. Hacking back to the Golden Age and Classics of SF, I started thinking about what authors exemplified the far, far away bit in my title. Here’s who I came up with.

I Read Science Fiction

How about you? A couple of online friends were asking for suggestions for which classic SF authors they should be reading and so, I came up with the following post in order to shed some light on who I read (and enjoyed) back in the day. For those of you who are looking for something different, why not try one or two of the novels mentioned below. Each offers an alternate perspective and narrative to the category it’s listed under. This is not, by any means, a definite list but rather a sampler and starting point.