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To Combobulate or not to Combobulate

Yes, yes, I know there is no such word as combobulate even if there is a DISCOMBOBULATE—meaning, confused, upset or disconcerted. But don’t you think that for one gosh, darn minute there should be? 

Why can I not combobulate as happily as the next person alive on this planet? Who has seen fit to deny me my combobulating rights to being clear headed, and focused, that’s what I want to know. Damn you Mirriam-Webster, snafu you Oxford English Dictionary. You both need to get on this, and ASAP! 

Especially as those pesky Americans have taken to using the even more outrageously silly recombobulation in, of all places, airports. Pictures of signs have been shared across social media pointing out these new fangled Recombobulation Areas, where travellers having passed through customs can reassemble themselves. Yes, Re Assemble Themselves—as in, putting their shoes, ties, and belts back on, after Security has frisked them.

If the dandy Yanks can have a recombobulation area, then who’s to stop me combobulating with everyone I meet, this year? 

Here’s to combobulating with you all.

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