Wry: adj. ironic, sardonic, dryly humorous.
Writer: n. one who writes, a professional scribe, an author.

About Me

I am a word hoarder. I collect them. I read them. I write them. In fact, you are as likely to find me reading through the entries of a dictionary or an encyclopaedia as you are a crime fiction novel. I’ve had this particular affliction since I started reading the newspaper, with my father, pre-school age.

And now, here I am, tending my own word garden, my digital garden that includes my “favourites” lists and lists in general, be it things I’ve read, or watched, or collected and yes, that includes favourite words and authors.

Check out my lists section for more on that.

‘I don’t speak’, Bijaz said. ‘I operate a machine called language. It creaks and groans, but is mine own.’

Frank Herbert⁠, Dune Messiah