Miss Marple, If You Please

So many of us read and continue to reread Agatha Christie, the undisputed queen of crime, as she’s been called. But I realised I haven’t read or reread any of her works well, in a very long time. So I’m over due on (a) either finding a book by her I haven’t read (still plenty by the way) and (b) reviewing her here, on the blog. I can probably do a double for 2022 given there’s an Agatha Christie challenge going around on twitter encouraging readers to get back into the Miss Marple or Poirot groove.

So what better time than now to talk Christie and our favourite reads or, in this case, sleuths. Mine being Miss Jean Marple, the irascible and, some would say, nosey old biddy from the tiny village of St. Mary Mead.

I don’t remember the first Christie book I read or, the first Miss Marple I read either, they were both back when I was still stealing books from my sister’s pile to read under the blanket at bedtime. I think I was maybe as young as 8 or 9 when I first read Christie, yes, I know, I didn’t fully understand a lot of what I read at that age, not really. But I still remember wanting to read more.

I think what sealed the deal for me reading more, was also seeing the stalwart actress Margaret Rutherford playing Miss Marple in the movie Murder, She Said. From there on in I became a fan of Marple—I really didn’t click with the character of Poirot till much later when I started seeing the movies and then, subsequent TV series featuring David Suchard who, I think, for me at least, was and is the quintessential Poirot.

Which tells you I’m a visual kind of reader in that once I had a visual of Christie’s characters I could identify with them more. And maybe, I enjoyed the reads more from that point on. I don’t know. I know I probably read more Marple stories too after seeing Joan Hickson play her in the BBC TV series. The actress really nailed who Miss Marple is again, IMHO.

Which all brings me back to reading or rereading Christie in 2022. I might try for 1 book a month (which is eminently doable) and maybe look for one or two of Christie’s stand-alones too for a bit of a challenge.

By the way you too can sign up for the Christie 2022 Challenge and rediscover what made Christie the queen of murder!

So get sleuthing.

Note: Here's the Ms. Marple reading list for you to download.