If I thought I had broken the bad habit of doomscrolling social media because of the pandemic. The invasion of the Ukraine has me back on Twitter following various people and hastags that, well, are just as heartbreak, as the pandemic has been these last two years. It’s as brutal on the soul as it… Continue reading


The discussion at the dinner table last night was just why Russian forces might have taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant—yes, that one. Two possible reasons came up, one, it is an almost direct route for troops to head into Kyiv, which would make sense. But the other, darker reason, and this is… Continue reading

US Politics

Ukraine is literally being occupied by Putin and Ted Cruz is at CPAC calling Jen Psaki “Peppermint patty” like a grade-schooler. Anyone who is anyone already knows Peppermint Patty Rules! #USPolitics