Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish Had An Epilogue

Bonjour tout la monde, today’s Top Ten Tuesday from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is Books I Wish Had An Epilogue … another tough topic today, given I read a lot of crime fiction and, well, it’s not the kind of genre that begs an epilogue. Now, most fantasy books, and even some science fiction, that’s another matter. But whether I think they should have had an epilogue? Hmm …

I think any good writer will put that kind of “epilogue” information in the closing chapter of their novel, rather than as a separate and standalone commentary. Unless, of course, like in Harry Potter, there is quite a jump in the timeline that begs that HEA closure that an epilogue can offer.

Which brings me right back to scratching my head. Truly, I cannot think of anything I’ve read of late that needed an epilogue in anyway shape or form. And if I haven’t enjoyed a read (for whatever reason) I doubt it would have been improved with the addition of an epilogue, either.

Certainly, I’m going to be interested to see what lists everyone else comes up with, given I’ve come up utterly empty handed here, today.

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  1. I agree with you. Epilogues can generally be included in later chapters, although there are occasional exceptions to this. 🙂

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    1. This was my hardest challenge to date, I think, Lydia. As I couldn’t come up with any recent read where I would want an epilogue included.

  2. I agree that not all stories need an epilogue! Definitely not for fantasy or sci-fi. I read a lot of romance, and there I do crave that epilogue, but that’s because I want to see more of the HEA 🙂

    1. This is one of those topics that’s not only hard to find examples for, but, in the end, hard to define to. Especially within any given genre. I can see an epilogue working great for a romance, it seems perfect made for that genre.

  3. I agree, I generally don’t see the need for an epilogue, especially when so many of them seem to trend toward the “married with kids” ending, which is obviously a perfectly fine ending but I do wish authors could come up with happy endings for their characters that didn’t have to fit this mould!
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    1. Yes, it seems to be something that is prevalent in contemporary or romance novels. I’m just glad we don’t see it as much elsewhere, to be honest, it’s not my thing.

  4. I don’t like epilogues, but younger readers still want to know ‘what happens next’ even after the story is finished. You could epilogue years for those kids and they’d still want more. So cute.

    1. Oh, I can see how an epilogue in YA and younger children’s books could work to great effect. And yes, I can see younger readers soaking up an epilogue and wanting more … and more! Ha! Ha!

      I suppose this is why we have the “series” instead of lengthy epilogues. Why not just write another book, then a third, and a fourth, and make it a series? 😀 Though it’s true some second and even third books in a series could easily have been compressed into a good epilogue.

  5. I’m an outlier here and maybe that’s because I read the romance genre. Sometimes a story just begs for an epilogue. I’m a sucker for them😏

    1. Oh, I agree, any good romance worth its salt can always benefit from having an epilogue, whether it needs one or not. They can be fun. Same with some contemporary novels, I’m sure an epilogue wouldn’t go amiss.

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